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EroTeknique®is a dance form designed for women who are looking for a fun-filled exercise class that teaches Erotic Dance.
EroTeknique® is for all body types, with no restrictions on height, weight or physical ability.
No nudity involved and classes are closed to all spectators.
Learn all the Right Moves to make you look and feel sexy and seductive.
All classes consist of a great stretch warm-up, dance moves and a choreography that could have you on the floor, sliding down a wall, dancing with a chair or swinging around a pole.  It is a solid overall workout that promotes flexibility and body awareness.
In addition to classes we offer in various locations all over Montreal and the surrounding area, we are looking forward to opening Montreal’s first Erotic Dance Studio in the very near future. We will be able to offer a variety of classes including Pole Dance, Sensual Yoga and the ever popular Erotic Dance in all levels.
Regardless of your current dance ability, the EroTeknique style with its choreography, dance moves and sensual floor work – bring a strong sense of a self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance to women. It will definitely change your mind, body and spirit!
Our EroTeknique® classes are not intended to encourage you to become a professional erotic dancer, but they will teach you “in a safe, non-judgemental and fun environment”, how to be in control of a sexual situation and come away with the ability to dance for your own private and personal pleasure - a skill which will do wonders for how sexy you feel!
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What People are Saying ...

Heather and Wendy, ... Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work during the last Session.  You always have a lot on your plate yet you manage to keep a smile on your face.  It can’t be easy!  I also wanted to “take my hat off” to Wendy for her dedication and hard work, especially after her accident.  She did a fabulous job, coming in and teaching right after such a serious accident. Well done!!  You have a wonderful group.  Please keep up the good work.  Enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing you once again in the fall!!  Many thanks,  Suzanne Séguin

This dance class will change your life – and not in the way you may assume considering it is an erotic dance class. This dance class can turn back the clock.
I have arthritis in my spine. Meaning my bones hurt, from head to toe. From the time I was a teenager I have spent countless hours in specialists’ offices, on x-ray tables, in doctors’ waiting rooms. Medication was taken; exercise suggested; physio regiments rigorously followed. Somehow, though, I just couldn’t get better.

Thinking I had nothing to lose and wanting to dance on my 25th birthday, I signed up for Heather’s erotic dance classes. After two months, I noticed a difference: I stood taller, walked faster, and increased my confidence. I knew the dance classes took the credit when my doctor said, “I have never seen you this healthy. Whatever you are doing, keep it up!” There it was - proof enough for me that I had turned back the clock. I will not tell you that it was easy. The dance moves make you work and in my case, sometimes just plain hurt. But it’s a fun class and worth the work.   Robyn

Hello Heather ... I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your awesome classes. They make me feel so good!! Mind you, this wasn't always the case. I remember at the beginning I would often go home after a class feeling like I'm never gonna get this: feeling frustrated or inadequate because I couldn't get a move or because I didn't feel like I looked sexy. But about half way through my second session, something just clicked for me. I started to feel it. I felt the moves. I was able to let myself go into the moves and the music and the feeling. And I felt sexy, and strong and powerful. Thanks so much for creating a space where women can explore and really connect with their sensual side in a safe, fun environment. I love you for it.  Sincerely,  Lidia

Many thanks dear friend for creating such a fantastic experience for so many women yesterday!
I spent part of the afternoon calling the participants to get e-mail addresses so that you could email them the exercises and the feedback was universally positive. AND the women I spoke to are excited about another workshop in January. And about being able to take a series of classes after
that. Several women mentioned that they have already told some of their friends about what they missed! In fact, I am going to be hosting a girls night to watch "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" the weekend before your next workshop...to get us all pumped up! And who knows, we may even have a group shopping expedition to La Senza for lingerie. What a great group of women! The women I spoke to were very positive about you, how you conducted the class and your style. One woman mentioned that she felt like you were "one of us" , not intimidating. So pat yourself on the back! Thank-you again. It was great seeing you again and spending time together. I look forward to staying in touch and am excited about what lies ahead! ...  Anne Vincent - Personal Life Coach

Last class,  hard to believe  that this class is coming to end. I'm looking forward to the next course already.  Thank you  for teaching us such fun , sexy and exiting moves. I could take this class a few times a week; its so much fun. This course is like creme a la  creme  with a cherry on top. So see you soon.  Thank you very much again ...    Astrid

“I wanted to say thank you again for the great time I had at the dance classes. I am so happy that I signed up for the second session. I was totally amazed at the difference I felt after the second session compared to the first. During the first session and even at the end of it, I felt awkward and at many times silly but at the end of the second session I felt so much more in control and I definitely had a much better sense of my body and I felt I was really ‘’getting it’’. I’m looking forward to the fall session and I’m sure that now I will progress by leaps and bounds. For any girls that join, I would strongly recommend that they try at least 2 sessions before drawing any conclusions. I think that it is unrealistic and unfair to expect to master something as unique as erotic dance in 10 hours. I think that they would be selling themselves short and missing out on a great time unless they gave it a fair shot. It was fun and it was unique. You are an amazing teacher and a dynamic personality. I hope for your continued success.Thanks for everything.” ...   Karen McRae

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